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The Museum of Modern Art

The first museum my colleague and I visited was The Museum of Modern Art because it was on our way back to our hotel from the National Library at Bryant Park. The MoMa is behind the Uniqlo flagship in Fifth Avenue. Don’t be surprised to find a long, long line of people to the museum’s entrance on a Friday afternoon. That is because Friday’s is Uniqlo’s free museum day at the MoMa. We skipped the line though and paid $25. Was the $25 worth it?IMG_1625


No. And please let me explain. We went inside the museum at around 3:30 in the afternoon. The doors open to free entrance at 4:00. It was our first day in New York and we were to meet our boss and his wife at the hotel lobby for cocktails at 5:00 and the museum closes at 5:30. I cannot be late for the reception even if it’s an informal one, especially because this was a business trip and my boss paid for it. So, I thought our time at the MoMA was not worth it.

As soon as we got our tickets, we immediately went to the fourth level where Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night was. That was also where everybody went. There were so many people that I had to wait about five minutes until I can be in front of the Starry, Starry Night, and 30 seconds after, somebody shoved me to the side. There were just so many people at that time I could not even hear myself. Or “a lot of people” is normal for New York museums especially one that is one Fifth Avenue? I think it is normal. I wished I knew what the best time to go was and I could have spent more time, quietly, contemplating on how I get confused, but get drawn, to modern art.

I am constantly looking at the photographs I took of the art works I saw at the MoMA. I only saw not even 1% of what the museum was displaying. I guess the best way to enjoy a museum with such an extensive collection is to know ahead which ones you would love to see. I just wanted to see Starry, Starry Night, and I did.We all know the story behind Starry, Starry Night, right? It’s the work of a troubled mind. I am fascinated because I am always fascinated by how different people, with different capabilities and disabilities, manage to function well and produce such beauty. While I thought the $25 entrance fee was not worth it given the limited time I was inside viewing the works of art, I did not regret spending it just to see some starry, starry night (and more).

At the MoMa, I also enjoyed looking at Pablo Picasso’s art works. These two works in particular interested me and my colleague. One of these work is Picasso’s Ma Jolie, while the other one is George Braque’s Man with A Guitar. Both artists collaborated in an art style called Analytic Cubism and created nearly identical works.

More art from the MoMA. My suggestion is — if you have limited time to check out the museum but still want to check it out, head to their website and see what galleries/floors the art works you want to see and head to their first. Don’t get distracted by the many other art works along your way.


One good thing about the MoMA is that everywhere you look you can find a work of art, even outside in their garden. And, much to my surprise, I found Andy’s Cows on our way out on the other side of the building, which had less people and some children creating art. Was my $25 worth it? No, and I hope you understand. I promise to do better next time. But seeing the Starry, Starry Night (and more), up close, in personal… Well, it’s worth a thousand $25s.



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