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St. Pete Sunken Gardens

My aunt and uncle gave me a spin around the city of St. Pete. It is a small city and a LOT different from New York. But because it was a small city, it reminded me of Cebu and Chiang Mai — only you have a beautiful and uninterrupted view of the ocean in St. Pete. During one of those daily city spins, they took me to the Sunken Gardens.



The Sunken Gardens was but a small garden but St. Pete’s government website says the botanical gardens is the oldest living museum in the city and that reason alone made the $10 entrance fee worth it. The gardens and, subsequently some of its plants and trees, are 100 years old! Because I live in the Philippines, which is also a tropical country, I am not unfamiliar to many of the plants and trees in the sunken gardens. One of the highlights in the sunken gardens are the flamingos. I was expecting them to be the really pink flamingos I see in illustrations but they were not-so-pink. I later learned from Joel that flamingos get their pink hue from the shrimps they ate. I love pink and I was smitten by the flamingos. I found the gardens to be a good respite for the heat though and if I was living in St. Pete, I would have gotten married there!


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