Month: August 2018

How to Get a Vietnam Visa from the Philippines

The Philippines and Vietnam are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Because of this regional economic and political grouping, holders of passports issued by both countries do not need visas when they visit each other’s  countries. For Philippine passport holders, we are given up to 21 days visa free stay in Vietnam when the purpose of our stay is leisure/tourism. When our stay exceeds 21 days or when the purpose of our stay is for other purposes other than leisure/tourism, we need to get a visa. Here is how to get a Vietnam visa from the Philippines. Advertisements

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Siem Reap War Museum

What I find more interesting in Cambodia other than Angkor Wat is how its people coped up after the Khmer Rouge regime. It was a horrific time, at least in accordance with the books (and movies) I read. I am not very interested in wars and war paraphernalia, but I am interested in military tactics and effects of conflict to civilians, especially women and children. After our tour of Ta Phrom, which ended our Angkor Archaeological Park tour, we asked Kim to take us to the War Museum.

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Eating Philippine History in Old Manila

When Joel and I visited Manila in February for my visa application, we took it as a chance to have a vacation. We’ve been to Manila several times but each visit felt shorter than the one before it. So, we decided to have that vacation in Manila — where we would visit all the places we want to visit at our own time. Because it was a vacation, we splurged a little bit with food (which we don’t usually do) and I did some research on where to eat that was walking distance from Casa Bocobo, the hotel we where staying at along Kalaw St. and just across Rizal Park.

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