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The Unforgotten, A Heritage Shophouse in Bangkok

One of the reasons why we moved from Patpong area to Chinatown during our stay in Bangkok was to be nearer the Hua Lamphong State Railway station. But another sub-ulterior reason was I wanted to be near a real neighborhood — a place where people gather together at night to talk about their day — and Chinatown (Yaowaraj) was that. 


We stayed at the Chic Hostel, just across the Hua Lamphong station and on our first day in the area, we discovered a quaint shophouse in the middle of a corner street that was very pretty from the outside. The shophouse was already closed at that time. The following day, while checking out someplace to eat lunch, the shophouse was opened and it was prettier inside! We were the only people (except for two attendant ladies) there. Good to note: We have not seen a lot of tourists/foreign people in this area of Chinatown so if you are trying to avoid touristy places, this could be a good place to walk around.

We learned they have set meals for lunch and so we ordered that, plus one order of fried vegetable spring rolls. The set meal costs 65baht each and comes with rice, meat, a fried egg (which is almost always present in all Thai meals), soup, and a drink. I went with an iced drink called “butterfly pea” tea that came out in a gorgeous violet color. The food was simple and delicious. And they also came in gorgeous china, making the whole dining experience my type of dining experience.

We learned the shophouse turned restaurant is also a guesthouse called “The Unforgotten.” I was bummed not to have learned beforehand that they listed themselves with AirBnB. The rooms were out of our budget at that time though so I am hoping I would be back because for sure, you will see me taking a nap in one of those gorgeous teak beds.



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