Negros Farmers Weekend Market

I don’t want to call us “foodies” because we don’t always eat. But, like many Filipino families, our family is anchored by food and our dining table, and food is our priority whenever we travel. Now that we have grown up, we don’t just seek out food, we also seek out makers and producers of food. We love knowing where our food come from and how other people are making a living through food. So it was no wonder our first destination on a Saturday in Bacolod was the Farmers’ Weekend Market.


When we arrived at the farmers’ market located at Magsaysay Ave. a few minutes after 11 in the morning, we found it almost empty. I am not sure if the vendors are still setting up or we were already late. There were still vendors though and that was the good part. What I loved about this weekend market is its location. It was far from the city center. From The White Hotel to this market, we paid P80+ for a taxi ride. The farmers’ market area is small but they have separate covered stalls for vegetables and dry goods, and seafood and meat. At the dry goods area, I saw fruits (mangosteen, mangoes, cherries, dragonfruit), vegetables and leafy greens, eggs, processed meats, basket bags, and kakanins. At the wet area, there was one fishmonger and one butcher. I bought canned goods from Victorias.

Further inside the weekend market was what my sister was most excited about — St. Jordin’s hamburgers and processed meats! True enough, while I was slowly going through each and every stall, my sister was already halfway into the cheeseburger. St. Jordin’s grilled meats — cheeseburger and kielbasa — were simply but well-seasoned, perfectly grilled, and substantial. It was all meat, no extenders.


IMG_0899If you’re not keen on eating all-meaty goodness from St. Jordin’s, another stall sells food cooked the Ilonggo way. We found Spanish paella, paella negra, paella Valenciana, callos, lengua, ginataan, KBL, and many types of pancit. My husband and I loved the stall selling different kinds of salads — green, potato, pasta.

Feature image by Joel Lopez.


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