Work Around the World: Arendo Co-Working in Bacolod

Our second time in Bacolod last year was not because of the best of circumstances. We were there end of last year to bury Joel’s uncle and we arrived days earlier and brought work with us. While ever trusty White Hotel had good Internet connection, I wanted to explore more of what Bacolod has to offer to digital nomads. Arendo Co-Working was the most suggested, according to my Internet research.

Arendo is located at Roli’s Arcade, along La Salle Avenue. It is near schools and I was expecting to find many noisy students reading aloud their study materials, but what I found was a quite place, almost fully occupied at 10 in the morning, and full of really working people.

Joel paid for two hours (P120.00) but I paid the “day & night” rate of P200, which I think is a good deal because if you work 8 hours, that means your hourly rate would only be P25. Most co-working places serve unlimited coffee and Arendo was no different, except that I found their coffee really good that I had to buy two packs of their coffee beans (sold at their front desk). The coffee beans are from La Carlotta, a small city also in Negros Occidental. The space does not sell food, but within the building is Roli’s cafe, which sells really good food at affordable prices, and you can bring the food inside Arendo.

The Internet connection was fast at Arendo, but I was smitten with their small conference rooms (where a small group of people were brainstorming for some kind of project at the time I was working) and their private offices (which were all occupied at the time I was there). I enjoyed learning how other people earn their living and loved the atmosphere. I loved the idea of joining forces with other people, making a living in an unconventional (at least for now because the gig economy is not yet very usual in the Philippines) way.

Speaking of Roli’s, the arcade also houses The Hostelry, a budget hostel, that I would want to try next time when I no longer love The White Hotel. 😀 The idea of having a hostel, a cafe, and a co-working space in one building is a plus for people who want to check out Bacolod on a longer term basis.

You can check out Arendo’s website and/or Facebook page for more details or if you are new in Bacolod and need the help of their staff locating the co-working space.


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