The Negros Museum Cafe

In October last year, the Negros Museum cafe was still closed by the time we have finished touring The Negros Museum along Gatuslao St. in Bacolod. In December, on my birthday, the cafe was open, was already serving food, and there was no other customer.

We arrived at the cafe mid-morning, and I was giddily happy over a jewelry find from the San Carlos Antique store that I ordered the most unique pie at the cafe’s menu — the sarali pie. I also ordered the Mt. Kanlaon organic blend, while Joel ordered the Candoni Robusta coffee. I have no idea what sarali is, but I was in for a sweet, and tart, surprise. The coffee was delicious, with the Mt. Kanlaon variety being more full-bodied than the Candoni Robusta one. The sarali pie was a different story. It was a great pie! The cafe served it with cream but I thought it masked the sweet-tart flavor of the pie. The cafe attendant said sarili is a local cherry (the cherries we used to eat at my greatgrandma’s house) and they make a jam out of the fruit where they cook everything, including the fruit peel.

Local coffee and the really good sarali pie


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