Founded in 2018, Soulfull Escapes was created as a prime source of travel accounts that are practical, useful, and hopefully entertaining. In Soulfull Escapes, we publish articles that focus on worthwhile experiences, bespoke destinations, and sustainable tourism practices. We created series that cater to the specific interests of travelers — our “Coffee, Tea & Me” series features stand-alone shops that offer coffee and tea, two things Psyche, the author, drink to escape from the daily stress of life. Soulfull Escapes is primarily a travel blog, although we may also publish stories that are personal of nature, such as stories in our series called “Our Summer Wedding,” and “Small Town Diaries.”

Psyche, the author, is a travel planning junkie, and a practical one. She loves slow travel, which explains why you will  read many stories about traveling by train or by boat. While Psyche is the main author of most of the articles we publish in Soulfull Escapes, we also collaborate with Joel, Psyche’s better half, for photographs, images, drawings, and design.

Soulfull Escapes come from three words — soul, full, and escapes. Through our stories, we hope to offer our readers escapes full of soul. We hope you enjoy reading our travel stories and may you find them useful for your next travels!