Ha Long Bay — One Day is Never Enough

The boats coming in, I am looking at the eerily serene world-famous karst from a deserted part of the Tuan Chua Island. It was a Saturday, our second day in Vietnam, and our first weekend in the country. How many people can say they spent their Saturday afternoon looking at the spectacular Ha Long Bay? Today’s cancellation horror turned out to be one of our best, if not THE best, memory of Vietnam. Continue reading “Ha Long Bay — One Day is Never Enough”


Lake Sebu, the Land of Dreamweavers

Before the fusion of local weaves and modern design became a trend, my uncle (my mother’s elder brother) has been bringing us t’nalak, the fabric woven by indigenous T’boli tribe of Lake Sebu. Because of the many tales of my uncle, I have always wanted to visit the majestic Lake Sebu to see for myself the beauty he always sing of. Continue reading “Lake Sebu, the Land of Dreamweavers”

How to Get Away with Jumping Off Canyons

How can a person who hates physical activities, cannot swim, and fears height get away with canyoneering? You can’t. Especially when you are with your family and friends, you’ve rode a habal-habal for 10 minutes to the middle of a mountain, and you have trekked for an hour to get to the river. But you can get away with jumping, and still totally enjoy the four-hour canyoneering activity despite your fear of heights and your lack of swimming ability. Continue reading “How to Get Away with Jumping Off Canyons”