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This Island Life is a series about life and living in the island of Siquijor, my home province.

The Unicorn, and my Favorite Beach in Siquijor

Siquijor was home to me. But through the years, I have redefined the meaning of home. I have increasingly agreed with the cliche saying, “Home is where the heart is.” I add to that, “Home is where my happiness is,” and my happiness is not always in Siquijor, or is not always associated with a specific geographic location. But summer is always Siquijor to me. This is because I am always happy in Siquijor during summer (and, yes, for some reason, I don’t feel very happy in Siquijor in other times of the year). So to Siquijor I go during summers.

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SIQUIJOR ISLAND is your Destination

I was born and raised in Siquijor, a very small island in central Philippines. It is my home so I am biased when I say it is a piece of heaven here on Earth. But please let me continue… Siquijor is a cliche tourist destination — white sand beaches, cool waterfalls, numerous rivers, and Spanish-era churches. The time you step down the gang plank at the port in the town of Siquijor (one town is also named Siquijor), a long stretch of white sand welcomes you. The people are, like every where else in the Philippines, warm and friendly. Underneath this tourist-y exterior though is the real reason why you should and must pay Siquijor a visit. Here are my top 8 reasons why Siquijor is a must destination in the Philippines:

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