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This Island Life is a series about life and living in the island of Siquijor, my home province.

The Summer That Was, 2018

Each summer of my life has always been memorable. But not all summers have been happy. It was a summer when I lost a young love. It was summer when I lost both my grandfathers. But it was also a summer when I got married and it was a summer when our dear nephew was born. This summer, the summer of 2018, was made more memorable because of my trip to New York but frankly, summer to me has always been about doing new things, reading new authors, and making memories with my family. Advertisements

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Lilibeth and the Pan Bisaya

On the way to the parish church in Talingting, we stopped by a shanty along the road to have snacks. The smell of freshly baked bread enticed us to jump out of the mini van. We were greeted by Lilibeth, the owner of the humble bakery, and we spied her husband and daughter kneading dough behind the glass display counter. There were no other tourists when we visited so we took a break and spent time talking with Lilibeth and her family. And this is her story.

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The Unicorn, and my Favorite Beach in Siquijor

Siquijor was home to me. But through the years, I have redefined the meaning of home. I have increasingly agreed with the cliche saying, “Home is where the heart is.” I add to that, “Home is where my happiness is,” and my happiness is not always in Siquijor, or is not always associated with a specific geographic location. But summer is always Siquijor to me. This is because I am always happy in Siquijor during summer (and, yes, for some reason, I don’t feel very happy in Siquijor in other times of the year). So to Siquijor I go during summers.

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SIQUIJOR ISLAND is your Destination

I was born and raised in Siquijor, a very small island in central Philippines. It is my home so I am biased when I say it is a piece of heaven here on Earth. But please let me continue… Siquijor is a cliche tourist destination — white sand beaches, cool waterfalls, numerous rivers, and Spanish-era churches. The time you step down the gang plank at the port in the town of Siquijor (one town is also named Siquijor), a long stretch of white sand welcomes you. The people are, like every where else in the Philippines, warm and friendly. Underneath this tourist-y exterior though is the real reason why you should and must pay Siquijor a visit. Here are my top 8 reasons why Siquijor is a must destination in the Philippines:

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