Escapes are activities, places and memories that helped me escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Coffee, Tea & Me: To escape, what is better than a cup of coffee, in a quaint cafe or at the grand lobby of a historic hotel. My escape is finishing that cup slowly, watching people and time pass me by.

Books & Libraries: To escape, I read books, visit libraries to read books, and check out bookshops (mostly selling secondhand books) to buy new materials to read. Here, I will be sharing the books I loved, the libraries I think are worth visiting, and bookshops where I found literary gems.

Museums: To escape, I get lost in a museum. I get lost in the arts, or in the culture, or in the heritage, or, sometimes, in not understanding what is being showcased. This is a compilation of the museums I have visited and worth your time.

Arts & Events: To escape, I try to sometimes pursue the arts, although it does evade me all the times. To escape, I sometimes go to events and get the assurance that I am not alone in this world. This is my list of must-do activities and events, mostly of the arts.

Life’s A Beach: To escape, nothing beats lounging by the beach, often times unknown to many. It’s not just the beach, I would also include here other “watering holes,” such as waterfalls, lakes, and swimming pools.

UNESCO Sites: To escape, grandly, I go to UNESCO World Heritage sites. I don’t aim to visit all, but I aim to visit all that I think would matter to me.