Hanoi Shopping Guide and My Unusual Hanoi Souvenir

Hanoi, for me, is an ideal shopping destination. In the French Quarters, you can buy luxury goods (Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Valentino). In the Old Quarters, you can buy raw materials at wholesale prices. In between, there is high street. This is not a comprehensive shopping guide to Hanoi, but this is what I thought were the good things to buy in the charming city. Continue reading “Hanoi Shopping Guide and My Unusual Hanoi Souvenir”

Gourmet Tuyo and Pasalubong Ideas from the Taboan Public Market

Bulad (which means “to dry” in the Visayan language) is a popular pasalubong item when you’re visiting Cebu City. Danggit is undeniably the queen of all bulads, but the truth is, I hardly eat danggit at all. That is because I always feel cheated that there is hardly any fish meat in danggit. One of my favorite bulads is galunggong or scad. And today, a Friday, I made my homemade gourmet tuyo using dried scad I bought from the Taboan Market. If you read further, I’m also sharing other things you can buy as pasalubong from the Taboan Market.

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An Afternoon at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

The day we visited the Vietnam Museum of National History was balmy. The skies were grey, about to rain. We walked fast, past the Hanoi Opera House, past the boutiques of international luxury brands, to the Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel. I am about to spend money on probably my most luxurious purchase in our whole Vietnam trip, and I was quite excited. Continue reading “An Afternoon at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel”

Cafe with the Best View of Hanoi — Cong Ca Phe

We’ve circled the Old Quarters thrice and always came back to the rotunda beside the Hoan Kiem Lake to see the flow of traffic in the late afternoon. Finally, after watching the Thang Long water puppet show on a Monday, we plopped ourselves in the fourth floor of the Cong Caphe, enjoyed our local coffee, with what I think was the best view in the whole of Hanoi. Continue reading “Cafe with the Best View of Hanoi — Cong Ca Phe”

Giang Cafe — Home of the Original Egg Coffee

What is Vietnam without mentioning coffee, right? Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world so a trip to Vietnam would not be complete without drinking coffee. In our month-long trip, I would have to say that the egg coffee (ca phe trung) was not just the most unique coffee I have tasted in Vietnam, it was also the most delicious. And the best place to have it is in the place where it all started — Cafe Giang. Continue reading “Giang Cafe — Home of the Original Egg Coffee”

Vietnam National Museum of History

Prior to flying to Vietnam, I made a list of “museums to visit” and there were about 10, most of which were related to the country’s war with the Americans. But because I was more interested in checking out the cultural side of the country, and not on their war history, I decided to just narrow my list of “museums to visit in Hanoi” down to one — the National Museum of History in Hanoi. I had no expectations of the museum, which is why I truly enjoyed our time here.

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Van Mieu — The Oldest University in Vietnam

Sixty years after Hanoi was established as a city in independent Vietnam, Van Mieu (or more popularly referred to in English as The Temple of Literature) was founded as a Confucian school. The temple is one of the oldest and most significant buildings among Confucian complexes in Vietnam, and still remains a treasured cultural edifice.  Continue reading “Van Mieu — The Oldest University in Vietnam”

Thang Long Citadel and Ba Dinh Square

Thang Long was the former name of Hanoi. It literally means “rising dragon” and this dragon is the same dragon that descended upon in Ha Long Bay, at least according to our guide, aptly named Mr. Vietnam. While Hanoi is famous for being a charming old-world timeless city, it was also the birthplace of many great empires, the remains of which has been inscribed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue reading “Thang Long Citadel and Ba Dinh Square”

The Water Puppet Theatre Show is #BetterThanBroadway

I was sitting there, expecting a so-so performance of folk music, hoping I was not wasting money because I have seen it somewhere else. When the dragons, on the water, spitted fire, I was up on my seat, my bag’s contents almost spilling, with tears in my eyes, clapping like an eight-year old kid who has just seen the most magnificent show on earth. Continue reading “The Water Puppet Theatre Show is #BetterThanBroadway”

Ha Long Bay — One Day is Never Enough

The boats coming in, I am looking at the eerily serene world-famous karst from a deserted part of the Tuan Chua Island. It was a Saturday, our second day in Vietnam, and our first weekend in the country. How many people can say they spent their Saturday afternoon looking at the spectacular Ha Long Bay? Today’s cancellation horror turned out to be one of our best, if not THE best, memory of Vietnam. Continue reading “Ha Long Bay — One Day is Never Enough”

Traditional House at 87 Ma May St., Hanoi

During our trip to Vietnam, we were very circumspect in selecting the places we would be visiting so that we would have, at least, a deeper understanding of the country, its people, and its way of life. In Hanoi, one of the places we checked out was an old house — a heritage house — that has been restored to its former 19th century style. Continue reading “Traditional House at 87 Ma May St., Hanoi”