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Cebu City’s Senior Citizens’ Park

The senior citizens’ program by the Cebu City Government is one of the reasons why I love living in this city. I am not yet a senior citizen so I don’t know what it feels like receiving the benefits of the program, but the feedback from people who are members of the program is a testament of how successful the program is. Also if you’ll check the Cebu City Government’s page on how senior citizens can get their IDs, they indicated the amount of time each step of the process takes. I don’t know if the process is really that efficient, but at least senior citizens can have a basis for their complaint if their application takes longer than what was indicated in the web site. Advertisements

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Carcar in A Day

One Wednesday afternoon last summer, my sister and I boarded a bus at the Cebu South bus station to go to Carcar. Our goal was to meet up with our friend who was working there and have dinner. One good thing about Carcar is that all government offices, the church, and it’s major university are located within walking distance between each other. Although we arrived at the city past 5PM, which meant all government offices and museums were already closed, we had a satisfying 30-minute tour of the historic area.

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