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West Lake and the Best Little Bookstore in Southeast Asia

I love to read books, and I don’t just love to read books. I also love to visit small and independent bookstores because I want to collect books and I know most bookshop owners are also book lovers. They are, in fact, book experts! So, it was a good surprise to learn that Hanoi has an independent bookstore selling English books. And that was the reason why we were headed to the West Lake on a Friday afternoon. Advertisements

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La Belle Aurore

It’s now past mid-March, only 13 more days to go before April 1. La Belle Aurore, a second-hand bookshop in Hernan Cortes, Mandaue, will be closing its doors to book lovers and literary patrons on March 31. They are having an ongoing sale with books priced as low as P10 and P30 and buy-one-take-one promos for books priced P50 and higher. I’ve only been to the Hernan Cortes branch twice and their now-closed Junquera branch once, so I have not created a lot of memories with the place. Nevertheless, because I knew the shop is closing and I might find treasures there, I took a last trip to shop and brought along someone who loves books more than I do — my grandmama. It was her birthday a few days after, so I gave that trip to the bookshop a birthday gift to her.

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