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The Carcar Secret — The Best Pig in Town

  Remember our quick trip to Carcar? I mentioned that the reason my sister and I ventured to the small city south of Cebu City was to have dinner. I told her that Carcar has the best lechon in the province. I’ve tasted several other best lechon (such as Rico’s lechon and CnT’s lechon) but I thought Carcar’s lechon was the most delicious because it tasted nearer to the way our lechons in Lazi tasted. Anthony Bourdain’s loss was that he only got to taste one kind of lechon and immediately declared it the best pig ever. Advertisements

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Carcar in A Day

One Wednesday afternoon last summer, my sister and I boarded a bus at the Cebu South bus station to go to Carcar. Our goal was to meet up with our friend who was working there and have dinner. One good thing about Carcar is that all government offices, the church, and it’s major university are located within walking distance between each other. Although we arrived at the city past 5PM, which meant all government offices and museums were already closed, we had a satisfying 30-minute tour of the historic area.

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