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One Day Bohol Countryside Tour

I always treat Bohol an an important island, in terms of history, for many reasons, including the “Blood Compact,” Dagohoy’s 80-year revolution, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, and Yoyoy Villame, who made recalling Philippine history easier by making a song out of it. In addition to these significant contributions to Philippine history, Bohol also offers one-of-a-kind experience with the best of stunning rural landscapes and pristine beaches. Advertisements

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Science Sparks Exhibit

I am kind of a museum fanatic (Mind Museum, Rizal Library & Museum). Whenever I go somewhere, I’d always like to check out a museum to let me put into context the recent developments (and undevelopments) in that place. To be honest, I always find it a pity if a town or a city has no museum. I am happy that our small town of Lazi has a museum. And I feel lucky to be living in city full of museums.

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