Taste of the South (Cebu) While in a Bus

The past two months, I’ve been traveling back and forth between Cebu and my home province of Siquijor, and one of the few modes of transportation is through a land-trip by a bus via the coastal road in southeastern Cebu. Each province, town, or city in the Philippines has a delicacy, a specialty food that usually is unique to that place — and southeastern Cebu is no different. Continue reading “Taste of the South (Cebu) While in a Bus”


The Chillage

I heard of Chillage from my Facebook newsfeed. I was smitten with the artsy design of the interiors and the fact that it sells Cebuano- and Philippine-made products (including City of Vintage swimsuits, Leyende products, and Theo Philo artisan chocolates). I love people who showcase our own, so I wanted to be there. Mid-month, my boyfriend and I found ourselves in a very busy SM having sale, and already hungry for dinner. We decided to check Chillage, located at the Adnama Bldg. in the North Reclamation, near the Cebu Doctor’s University. Continue reading “The Chillage”

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique & Cafe


The last week of August was probably the week where I ate out the most. Because I am now solely paying my rent and all utilities and food, and other things like service fees for plumber and carpenter, I’ve made resolutions to eat out less so I can scrimp my money to pay what I need. (Okay, I do scrimp money, partly to buy shoes and other cute stuff, and pay for the things I need). But the last week of August was like an indulgence. Continue reading “Maitre Chocolatier Boutique & Cafe”