The Book Market of Hue, Vietnam

One month may be too short for me to make this conclusion, that theVietnamese people are a well-read people, but I will make that conclusion here. They are not just a well-read people, they are also a literary people. Books are everywhere, and everywhere there are books. Books are read, and written by, the Vietnamese people, and what really impresses me is that many of the people I saw buying books were young people.

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10 More Things to Love About the Cultural City of Hue

The city of Hue and its surrounding complexes, including royal tombs, parks, gardens, pagodas, and temples are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. Think 10-kilometer citadel, and hundred more kilometer former bastion of the Nguyen dynasty, the last ruling dynasty in Vietnam. If that is not one reason to convince you to visit this small, laid-back, and tree-lined city, then here are 10 more reasons (in no particular order).

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The Anh Dinh Palace, Hue’s Hidden Pearl*

The afternoon walk around Hue’s Imperial Citadel drained my energy. It was hot and humid and my brain was trying to process a lot of beautiful architectural design and trying to process the exact words I will be writing down in my travel journal when I get to our home stay. We needed a break. So, we hailed a cab and directed the driver to take us to the Anh Dinh Palace.

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Hue Imperial Citadel, The Combination Ticket, and How to Avoid Being Scammed

On our first day in Hue, at around 5 in the afternoon, we stepped inside the gates of the Imperial Citadel. A rickshaw driver, in uniform approached us, offered us a deal of 300,000VND (676PhP) for a tour of the citadel and surrounding royal tombs. It was our first day and it was a tempting offer but I thought it was a too-good-to-be-true offer especially because we already learned ahead that the citadel ticket costs at least 150,000VND (338PhP) per person.

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One Day in Hue on the Vietnamese Philosophy of Life & Death

Our tour guide was incredible. I am not sure if other guides of similar tours use the same spiel as his, but I thought it was creative, interesting, and unique. We started the day at the ferry terminal, and the tour guide, who also fetched us from our homestay and drove the boat occasionally, started his spiel with philosophical ramblings about life. In the afternoon, after our last destination, the tour guide, still full of energy, ended his spiel with philosophical ramblings about death.

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Coffee, Tea & The DMZ in One Day

Our whole day “DMZ” tour started in Hue on the wrong day. Maybe because I misplaced my shopping money the day before that I did not pay attention to the date we booked our tour for. Our receipt indicated we are supposed to go on the tour on Aug. 16 but we were at the front of the tour operator’s office, bright and early. Thankfully, the Vietnamese people can make anything happen and in less than 5 minutes, we were on the van to our first destination.

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