Swimming with Sharks and Sardines — A Weekend Guide to Cebu’s Adventure Activities

There are things I said I would never do — mainly because of fears (heights and depths) and the lack of abilities (swimming). But last Christmas, I swam with sharks and sardines, and a turtle. I thought I would never do certain things. But I should never say never. Continue reading “Swimming with Sharks and Sardines — A Weekend Guide to Cebu’s Adventure Activities”


Hale Manna, Moalboal

I first heard of Hale Manna (which means “good energy” in Sanskrit) when our wedding singer got married there last year. We finally got to visit one weekend this summer to celebrate our parents-in-law’s 43rd wedding anniversary. The place did not disappoint, and I took back to the city with me only good energy. Continue reading “Hale Manna, Moalboal”

My Moalboal Secret

Other than to say hello to my friend’s family, I would visit Moalboal just to check this bookstore out. This bookstore started operating when I was in high school. My friend introduced this to us, and I had to go every time I’m in town because we found cool art magazines from this store. The store’s stocks though have not been updated, and soon it will probably close. Continue reading “My Moalboal Secret”

Bigsand Campground, Moalboal

Why is “summer” almost always synonymous to “beach”? I don’t know. But, surely here in the Philippines, where beautiful beaches abound, summer definitely means going to the beach! My second trip to the beach this summer was with my workmates (fellow bankruptcy geeks). Continue reading “Bigsand Campground, Moalboal”