The Negros Museum Cafe

In October last year, the Negros Museum cafe was still closed by the time we have finished touring The Negros Museum along Gatuslao St. in Bacolod. In December, on my birthday, the cafe was open, was already serving food, and there was no other customer.

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Unmasking the City of Smiles at The Negros Museum

Bacolod has always been a romantic city to me, what with it’s glorious hedonistic past especially at the height of the sugar industry. I always equate Bacolod with mestizas and mestizos, of decadent pastries, of luxurious stews, and an old dilapidated train that used to carry sugar from one hacienda to another. That dilapidated train used to be the major attraction of the Negros Museum. Now, a decade after since my first visit, the museum has improved and it has unmasked the City of Smiles. Continue reading “Unmasking the City of Smiles at The Negros Museum”