One Day in Hue on the Vietnamese Philosophy of Life & Death

Our tour guide was incredible. I am not sure if other guides of similar tours use the same spiel as his, but I thought it was creative, interesting, and unique. We started the day at the ferry terminal, and the tour guide, who also fetched us from our homestay and drove the boat occasionally, started his spiel with philosophical ramblings about life. In the afternoon, after our last destination, the tour guide, still full of energy, ended his spiel with philosophical ramblings about death.

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Coffee, Tea & The DMZ in One Day

Our whole day “DMZ” tour started in Hue on the wrong day. Maybe because I misplaced my shopping money the day before that I did not pay attention to the date we booked our tour for. Our receipt indicated we are supposed to go on the tour on Aug. 16 but we were at the front of the tour operator’s office, bright and early. Thankfully, the Vietnamese people can make anything happen and in less than 5 minutes, we were on the van to our first destination.

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10 Things to Do Around Siem Reap Town

Touring the Angkor archaeological park in one day is not enough. But because we had a private car and driver, we were able to dictate our time and was still able to explore the town of Siem Reap despite the very limited time we had in the country. While on our way to Angkor Wat, I instantly had the regret of having only one day to explore both the UNESCO World Heritage site and the town where the site is located because of the town’s shady trees, cute cafes, shops, and architecture. Here are my 10 things to do to enjoy Siem Reap outside of the famous historic temples. Continue reading “10 Things to Do Around Siem Reap Town”