Alex Kafe, Argao

One of our favorite places to visit when in Argao is Alex Kafe, a home cafe owned by the Kintanar family of Argao. Alex, from whom the cafe is named after, is already dead but the cafe still lived on. Continue reading “Alex Kafe, Argao”


The Best Halo-halo in Town is in Sibonga

After visiting Carcar’s town center and Carcar’s now-out-in-the-open secret, we decided to drive a few kilometers further south to the town of Sibonga. I don’t know why we bothered to waste our gas to go to the next town, but our guide said Carcar doesn’t have any decent place to eat. From what I’ve seen passing through the city by bus countless of times, there doesn’t really seem to have any decent place to eat there. Maybe there are still many secrets in Carcar I need to discover. Continue reading “The Best Halo-halo in Town is in Sibonga”

The Carcar Secret — The Best Pig in Town


Remember our quick trip to Carcar? I mentioned that the reason my sister and I ventured to the small city south of Cebu City was to have dinner. I told her that Carcar has the best lechon in the province. I’ve tasted several other best lechon (such as Rico’s lechon and CnT’s lechon) but I thought Carcar’s lechon was the most delicious because it tasted nearer to the way our lechons in Lazi tasted. Anthony Bourdain’s loss was that he only got to taste one kind of lechon and immediately declared it the best pig ever. Continue reading “The Carcar Secret — The Best Pig in Town”