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10 Things to Do Around Siem Reap Town

Touring the Angkor archaeological park in one day is not enough. But because we had a private car and driver, we were able to dictate our time and was still able to explore the town of Siem Reap despite the very limited time we had in the country. While on our way to Angkor Wat, I instantly had the regret of having only one day to explore both the UNESCO World Heritage site and the town where the site is located because of the town’s shady trees, cute cafes, shops, and architecture. Here are my 10 things to do to enjoy Siem Reap outside of the famous historic temples. Advertisements

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A Weekend in Medellin, A Bygone Era

The north of Cebu is a relatively new discovery to me. It was only this year that I was able to finally visit all towns and cities of Northern Cebu and, to me, that is a feat because I’ve been living in the city for almost 2 decades and I can’t believe I still haven’t toured the province completely. Anyway, it was a road trip to remember, one because it was my husband’s clan reunion and, two, we almost figured in a road accident and I couldn’t shake off the fear in the next days following our arrival home.

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