Architecture and Scribbles in M.C. Briones Street, Cebu

The Senior Citizens’ Park in Cebu City is located at MC Briones Street. The street also offers many unexpected interesting sights and colors that I captured before capping our walk with an afternoon snack of buko shake and street pizza. MC Briones is a popular name in Cebu, but many would only know the name because there are several streets named after the person. Who is the person and why is he so important that streets are named after him. Read some tidbits after the photographs. Continue reading “Architecture and Scribbles in M.C. Briones Street, Cebu”


Streets of Cebu, Part 1

I love film photography and I love my Vivitar IC-100 because it is cheap (only P350), I can take it anywhere with me because it is light and small, and I am not worried of thieves wherever I bring it with me. Recently, I’ve been into skies and buildings. Something about them, standing tall and lonely, reminds me of man, of mankind. We are a great race but we cause our own problems, we are standing tall and yet, like these buildings, we may fall. We are bound to fall. Continue reading “Streets of Cebu, Part 1”

On the Streets, Escolta

My boyfriend and I do most of our traveling by foot. It is my belief that one can only get to “feel” the pulse of the place when one interacts with the locals, peer at empty alleys, and get lost among strange streets. Wherever we go, I always have the desire to walk, and walk, and walk. There are many things you’ll miss when riding a vehicle, so I’d prefer to walk.

Continue reading “On the Streets, Escolta”