How I Packed 1 Month Worth of Outfits in 6 Kilos

Because of the often difficult modes of transportation from the city to my hometown in Siquijor, I have always packed my bags light because I need to carry them myself. Our provincial transportation is as rough as you can get that sometimes we sit with chickens and pigs and a hundred other people. From an early age, I have carried my own bags and thus have learned to pack light and pack well that now it does not matter what mode of transportation I take. On our trip to Vietnam in August, I managed to fit 30 days worth of outfits in just one backpack weighing a mere 6 kilos! Continue reading “How I Packed 1 Month Worth of Outfits in 6 Kilos”


Travel Guide: 3 Days in Hanoi for the Filipino Traveler

Hanoi is a good destination for weekend warriors because Cebu Pacific flights coincide with weekends, flying to Hanoi on Thursday night and flying back to Manila on early Monday morning. While we stayed in Hanoi for more than a week (and would have stayed even longer), three days should be enough to cover all the must-see places and uncover all the gems (literally and figuratively) Hanoi has to offer. Read on for my sample Hanoi weekend itinerary. Continue reading “Travel Guide: 3 Days in Hanoi for the Filipino Traveler”

Budget Guide: 11 Days in Hanoi for P28,000

Hanoi was not an expensive city to visit. In fact, even though we stayed there for more than a week, we spent well beneath our budget and was even able to squeeze in an expensive and indulgent (but truly enjoyable) afternoon at the Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel and some shopping. This is my budget guide for Hanoi and this post accompanies my Weekend in Hanoi post.
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BDO Debit Card for Asia, USA Travel

I am sharing this for everybody who doesn’t know it yet… but I have a feeling that I am the last person to know, that you can use your BDO Debit Card also for online purchases and for purchases outside of the Philippines. I’ve had this card since 2010, and it’s only this year that I’ve used it for online purchases. Specifically, it was only just weeks before I started planning our Singapore + Melaka trip that I learned from a BDO bank teller that I can use my debit card like a credit card. Continue reading “BDO Debit Card for Asia, USA Travel”

7 Days Siem Reap + Bangkok for P26,000

My husband, siblings, and I recently took an out-of-the-country trip, this time to Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Bangkok, Thailand. In this post, I will be sharing with you the planning, budgeting, actual expense, notes, and some budget tips and tricks for this trip. Continue reading “7 Days Siem Reap + Bangkok for P26,000”

Singapore Budget Tips

The photo above (by my husband) represented to me what Singapore is, at least through my eyes. Far from the tourist-filled parks along Clark Quay and Orchard Road, the fast lanes in the MRT, the magnificent man-made structures that signify the city-state’s modernity, is the heart of Singapore — it’s people.
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8 Days Singapore + Melaka for P27,000

I am home now from our 8-day trip to Singapore and Melaka, and catching up with work at home. It was a fun week — it was my first international flight and the first time my siblings, my husband and I went on a trip together. How did it go? It was fun with a lot of walks. I joked that the Singapore trip will cripple me. Hahaha. Our trip was not budget travelling nor was it a luxury trip. It was what I call an affordable trip. So, I’m going to share our expenses, planning, and itinerary, some tips and tricks we did to save few pesos (and SG dollars and ringgits), and a few lessons learned from the trip. Continue reading “8 Days Singapore + Melaka for P27,000”