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Rocks Coffee-to-Go, Dumaguete

Last year, my boyfriend and I decided on a very short (half a day) trip to Dumaguete. I was in Siquijor at that time and my boyfriend who was visiting me was going back to Cebu and I decided to go with him to Dumaguete and tour the small city in half a day. There is not much to do in Dumaguete except eat (or visit friends and relatives), and on that particular day, we just decided to take leisurely strolls in the city’s downtown. The day before we took the trip, I decided we will have breakfast at Rock’s Coffee-To-Go at Silliman University. The coffee shop opens at 8:00, and the staff was bright and sunshiny and played a good set of music (reggae!) to accompany us. Advertisements

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De Caffe Luwak

Yesterday, I decided to work outside the home. Although it was far, I went to JCenter Mall in Bakilid, Mandaue, across where our former office was located. Before arriving at the mall, I have decided to spend my afternoon at Bo’s Coffee, hoping they would have their delicious sandwiches. But there weren’t any at Bo’s. Thank heavens there was a nearby coffee shop. It was almost empty and looked clean, and there were no students studying inside. I am not against studying at coffee shops, but I was not in the mood for noisy discussions. So, I went inside De Caffe Luwak.

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